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See How To Use An Unripe Pawpaw To Manage An Ulcer



Grab a young papaya and wash it.

Don’t peel the seeds; just take them out.

Carefully wipe the exterior without peeling it then cut it into pieces.

Like sugar cubes in size, the cut should be small. Put every last piece of papaya in a pristine container.

The container should be filled with water until it is at the same level as the papaya slices.

Give the papaya four days to soak in the water. For example, if you soak on a Monday, the fourth day would be Friday after adding Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

On the fourth day, the water will turn white like palm wine. Use the water as a cure for ulcers after filtering it and discarding the papaya.

Every day, a half-glass of papaya water should be ingested in the morning, midday, and evening. You won’t feel the discomfort associated with an ulcer any longer because it will treat the internal sores that are causing it.

The duration of this dosage may range from a few weeks to many months, depending on how severe the ulcer is. It is unpleasant to feel. It is a cure.

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