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See Bob Marley’s Last Powerful Words To His Son Moments Before He Died



Many people find it difficult to understand Bob Marley’s philosophy of life because he was the voice of the voiceless and was known for his simplicity.

When Bob Marley tragically lost his fight with a rare form of skin cancer called acral lentiginous melanoma at the age of 36, the world lost one of the pioneers of reggae music. It had progressed from under a toe nail when he was first diagnosed with it in 1977.

What did Bob Marley say to his son Ziggy before he passed away?

On May 11, 1981, Bob Marley passed away in the Cedars of Lebanon Medical Center in Miami. He gave Ziggy Marley a life-changing message before passing away, stating that no amount of money in the world could ever equal life. He subsequently passed away and was brought to his native Jamaica for a state funeral.

Money can’t purchase life, Bob Marley said in his son’s final words, which were very moving.

Nearly 40 years after his passing, the legendary star is still having an impact on musicians all over the world. For more than ten years, he helped bring the musical genre of his native nation to the forefront of popular culture.

Reggae music and its creator Bob Marley are inextricably linked. Bob’s legacy continues to this day, even after his death from cancer, in the form of his well-known songs about oppression, racial conflict, and resistance. However, those who he impacted also carry on his legacy.

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