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See 7 Unconventional foods that Some Part Nigerians eat



Here is a list of animals and other things you may not know that Nigerians love to cook and eat. Which one do you eat?

While you may be familiar with chicken and fish, people in some parts of Nigeria are very adventurous with their meat. Here are unique foods that Nigerians eat.

1. Dog meat


While dogs are regarded as man’s best friend worldwide, some Nigerians, especially in Calabar and Ondo states, regard dogs as a delicacy. A dog doesn’t have to be a pet or a house sitter, sometimes it just needs a good source of protein.

2. Snake


Apparently the snakes tasted like fish. They taste good when grilled or fried. Humans are not afraid of fangs and venom, nor are they afraid of cold-blooded furry creatures.

3. Winged termites


Termites, which are commonly known as “esusu” and “chinge”, are a popular snack in some parts of Nigeria and a strange dish eaten by Nigerians. When it starts to rain, these insects come in large numbers and like to circle around any light they see. Nigerians pack them, wash them, salt them and roast them in a skillet.

4. Grasshoppers


Grasshopper hunting is a favorite pastime of rural children. It can be fried, boiled, salted or dried.

5. Crickets


Crickets are another class of insect that kids like to hunt down and bring home to pepper-fry or roast. According to legit, crickets are low in fat and provide complete protein with all eight essential amino acids.

6. Frogs


There’s no raw meat here, but plenty of people do. They are fresh or dried and used as meat in stews and soups. They taste like chicken.

7. Lizard

Agama eggs were popular during the Civil War, when food was scarce. It’s now an unfamiliar commodity, especially for adventurous rural kids. Insects are rotten for meat.

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