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See 10 things that men wear that most women hates but will not say it.



It may be because of what you wear or your husband! The days go by when we say ladies are moved by what they hear. Most women are affected by what they hear and see these days. And it’s rather awful that some of them assess how you look at them for the first time.

Most women hate something, but they don’t say 10 things guys use.

1] Earrings.

Many folks, particularly when they’re entertained, wear earrings. You do this to seem pretty or to win a woman’s heart, but you never understood that it’s a critical turning point for most women. Most women don’t want to see men wearing fashionable women’s accessories.


2] Sagging Trousers.

Although decreasing pants are the norm in today’s contemporary men’s world, most women still believe that a man with a pant is not enough for a man.


3] White Corporate Shoes.

In a recent survey of the kind of fashion combinations men want to use in women’s groups, I discovered that 70% of women kicked white shoes.


4] Pant.

As strange as it may sound, some women don’t like panting guys. According to my survey, the guys seem feminine in the pant. I suppose women prefer their boyfriends to be all around, since they believe that’s attractive. You can’t say it, but deep in your heart, pants are a major change to you.


5] Waist Beads.

I’ve never known before that some men wear waist beads! I thought it was a lady’s things. During my survey, numerous females told me that some males were in a room with beads of waist, a major change.


6] Burial T-shirt.

These T-shirts are also a big change for the majority of women. They believe that this T-shirt alone has been made for each burial and should not be worn as an everyday clothing decision as such.


7] Dreadlocks.

Even though dreadlocks are part of African culture and customs, certain women seem to have difficulties with certain men who have dreadlocks.


8] Tight Trousers.

I believed tight pants were the main attraction for women since they show what they want to see when a guy goes by. But once I did my poll, I was wrong.


9] Bleaching Cream.

For many ladies, a male using bleaching lotion is another important shift. You don’t believe a person should concern himself with manufacturing things, and that anybody who enjoys doing any of them will not work hard.


10] Tinted Hair.

Current vogue for certain guys is colored in hair. Some guys use various colours to change their hair and change it.


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