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Reactions Trail To The Video Of A Kissíng Machine That Was Just Invented Newly (Video)



Nigerians have reacted to the video of a kissing machine that was just invented newly. The video of the kissing machine and how it works was posted by BBC News which got a lot of reactions from social media users.

While the video was posted, it was reported that the machine was invented for people who are in a long distance relationship, and it was inspired by the COVID-19

pandemic when some partners were far away from their partners. It is believed that with the kissing machine, people in long distance relationships won’t miss their partner that much because they have the opportunity to kiss them through the machine.

The machine works through video calls, when you call your partner in a video call, then you connect the machine with your phone and kiss your partner through the machine while the video call is going on.

It feels like you are kissing your partner directly through the machine. And the inventors believe that it will ease the stress of missing your partner so much, and it is likewise helpful. But social media users have reacted to the machine with a negative reactions. Many condemned the machine that was invented by China, some saying that the machine is totally useless. See reactions below. Watch video here

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