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Put Garlic Inside your Pocket before going out and you will See the Spiritual Benefits [Opinion]



In spite of its long history of cultivation and human use, garlic’s origins continue to be shrouded in obscurity.


In many cultures, garlic is considered sacred due to its purported healing and protective properties.

You should always have a garlic clove with you, for both spiritual and practical reasons.

Garlic has traditionally been used as a preventative measure against shipwreck and suffocation among mariners.

Traditionally, garlic was hung from ceilings and walls to ward off the evil eye and other perils.

The use of garlic was recalled in an effort to ward off dangerous spirits, bad weather, and potential attackers.

Garlic has been placed beneath children’s pillows, rubbed on their skin, and even eaten by them as a means of protecting them from ghosts.

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