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Possible Signs To Notice When A Girl Likes You



Possible Signs To Notice When A Girl Likes You: One, she will suddenly begin avoiding you.

Usually the first sign that a girl likes you is that she starts avoiding you when she normally would be all over you. This is because she wants to conceal the growing attraction she feels for you; she doesn’t want it to come across as too forward, and she knows she won’t be seeing you very often. She will start avoiding you as a protective measure.

Second, she will start referring to you by name instead of using pronouns.

Another telltale sign that a woman is developing romantic feelings for you is when she stops using your given name in favor of pronouns when she speaks to you. This is because she is attempting to suppress thoughts of you, and since she knows she will fail if she keeps using your name, she will switch to using pronouns.

Third, it will be her to stop communicating with you first.

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