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PMAN Under Pretty Okafor Acquires A Multi-million-naira Corporate Office In Lekki




The Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) under the leadership of Mr. Pretty Okafor has acquired a multi-million-naira corporate property in Lekki that will stand as the association’s corporate office.

This is reported to be a part of the union’s strategy for the ongoing biometric card registration drive being implemented in conjunction with Zenith Bank pulling the union from its rented property status to having its own property after 40yrs.

PMAN under Pretty Okafor acquires multi-million-naira property in Lekki
PMAN’s newly acquired property in Lekki under the leadership of Pretty Okafor.

Speaking on the thought that informed the decision of getting the property in Lekki rather than Ikeja where its rented office was situated, Mr. Pretty Okafor explained the need of the union to be accessible to the artists’ community as well as corporate sectors in Nigeria.

“We consider it necessary to have a business office that is accessible to the artist’s community and corporate sector in Nigeria. We want to ensure that musicians are receiving proper remunerations for their creative works both at home and abroad. Through the acquisition of this property, we are sending an important message to Nigerian musicians and the corporate sector that PMAN, the Nigerian music industry powerhouse, is back in business.”

According to the PMAN President, Lekki was purposefully chosen for the new corporate office by the National Working Committee (NWC) of PMAN because it has become the core of the Nigerian entertainment sector.

“You know, our former rented office was located in Ikeja but we decided to acquire our property in Lekki. It’s a deliberately made decision because Lekki is the new hub for the Nigerian music industry. It is the hotbed for the new wave of Afrobeats culture. Lekki is where the Gen Zers of Nigerian entertainment reside.”

Also, PMAN has committed to strengthen its presence in each of Nigeria’s six geopolitical areas, and the organization will soon start gathering data on its more than six million potential members nationwide.


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