Please don’t tell madam – RMD pleads, leaks private moment of him and wife, Jumobi in rare video


Richard Mofe-Damijo has got the Santa beard down to a pat so it only seemed natural for him to take on that role.

The veteran Nollywood actor shared a rare but cute clip of himself and his wife, Jumobi from a private moment together.

In the clip, Jumobi sat on her husband’s laps while they were in a high end designer store as he took on the role of Santa, and asked what she wanted for Christmas. He started the with cliche “ho ho ho”, and went on to ask.

Jumobi replied that she wanted designer gift items; more Louis Vuitton to be specific. RMD jokingly replied her request with, “Ole”, which means ’thief’.

Warning people not to alert his wife that he shared a private moment of them, the thespian captioned the video:

“Merry Christmas from your neighborhood Santa Claus.

P.s: association of reporters please don’t tell madam I posted another private moment. In the spirit of Xmas don’t screenshot and send as WhatsApp message.”

See video:

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