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Plastic Surgery Gone Very Wrong. Ten celebrities Whom their plastic surgery Went Wrong



If you had the money and chance, would you change your appearance? Celebrities choose cosmetic surgery to improve their features. Who’s responsible? They’re like microscope specimens. In certain countries, if they’re not pretty enough, they won’t be featured. Idolized celebrities must appear perfect.


Some don’t know when to stop, so they get almost every cosmetic operation they can afford. They become addicted and lose control. Instead of becoming more appealing, they become wax figures or worse.

Ten celebrities overdid plastic surgery.

1.Mioku Hang


Hang Mioku’s first cosmetic treatment was at 28. She was beautiful but fascinated with plastic surgery. Her face grew and deformed after several procedures.

The doctors she saw refused to operate. One doctor suggested her preoccupation was a sign of mental illness. Hang didn’t care. She self-injected oil. It grew ridiculously. Young people in her area called her “standing fan.”


Her fame got her on Korean TV. The audience donated money for her procedure. Hang had another surgery to repair her face.

Doctors removed 60 grams of foreign material from her face and 200 grams from her neck during the initial surgery. After numerous procedures, physicians shrank her face, but it was still scarred.


Donatella Versace had too many plastic surgeries. Especially after Gianni’s untimely death. Some say she’s cartoonish. Why?


Donatella’s nose has gotten broader, flatter, and crooked despite surgery. This means that a nose job went wrong. Second, her huge upper lip shows she’s had too many collagen fillers. Third, despite her age, her face is taut, suggesting a facelift. This platinum-blonde designer used Botox to remove her wrinkles.


3.Wildenstein, Jocelyn


Jocelyn Wildenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, married a renowned art dealer.

She discovered her spouse with a 21-year-old Russian model. Jocelyn chose surgery over divorce and alimony to win back her husband’s love.

Jocelyn reportedly spent $4 million on plastic surgery. Her face transformed. He died.

4.Avner, Dennis


Dennis Avner wanted to become a tiger, his totem. Avner, as Catman or the Stalking Cat, had subdermal implants, extensive tattooing, and whisker implants that transformed his facial structure. Abner shaped and filed his teeth.



Eric Sprague, the Lizardman, invented the forked tongue (tongue bifurcation). His nasal septum, earlobes, and eyebrows were augmented with Teflon horns. Like Avner, he has sharp fangs. Sprague spent 700 hours tattooing to resemble the reptile.

7.Rachael Knappier


Rachael Knappier planned to attend a “Botox party” at a friend’s house at the end of August for a wrinkle-remover shot and Prosecco. She felt uneasy after deciding to get lip fillers.

The beautician accidentally injected filler into an artery, swelling her lips dramatically. The ER staff advised her to return and have the beautician dissolve the fillers. A local aesthetic nurse gave her an antihistamine injection to relieve her lips’ pressure and pain.

A local aesthetic nurse gave her an antihistamine injection to reduce the swelling and pressure in her lips. Her lips healed in three months.

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