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Photos: Meet The Man Who Is Shaped Like A Woman.



Meet a man with a woman’s body shape.

Meet Siyambulela Marenzo at the Eastern Cape in Port Elizabeth. Siyambulale Marenzo is openly gay and not afraid to show it.

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She is admirable for her courage and ability to express her character freely or openly. Siyambulale has feminine features and her body does not look feminine. But she also has a beautiful woman’s face. He doesn’t have to try to look like a woman.


There are men who have to go out of their way to look like a woman, no matter how they dress or put on makeup. They still look like men, but for Siyambulale it’s different.

Siyambulale is so feminine that she is confused about her sexuality and there are heterosexuals who consider dating her. I don’t blame them. This man looks more feminine than any other woman. Everyone must have been confused.

At first I thought it was a woman, but when I looked through my Facebook profile, it was actually a man and I was living my life as a homosexual. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Below are more photos of Siyambulale:


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