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Photos: Gorgeous women openly living with HIV



https://twitter.com/Thembisile Q/status/1405190505357582339?t=ek3Q3hTIyALCtpSzuS0yHg&s=19

The Translation of Nozibele Mayaba

After learning that she had the disease, Nozibele was shocked and confused as to how it had happened to her. She has been upfront about her HIV status for long time, offering others hope that they may live normal lives while having the infection. She ultimately married and settled down with two beautiful, healthy children.

Thembisile Quanawe Thembisile

She’s an artist, a hairstylist, and an activist against HIV/AIDS; she’s also a big deal on the ‘gram. Since Thembsile’s diagnosis with HIV was made public, she has lived with the virus for 17 years. She said the hardest part was coming to terms with the diagnosis itself, given the stigma that surrounds the disease. When her Arvs were in default, she continued to take them regularly. She has an infectiously positive outlook on life and refuses to let her condition define her. Thembsile, who is seeking to get into the music industry, recently tweeted about her work with well-known musicians like Prince Kaybee and Donald.

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