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Photos: 3 female celebrities who said they did not choose their partner because of their money



The majority of these prominent ladies have stated that they never agreed to go on a date with their significant others out of true concern for money or other interests, but they recollect marrying them out of love.



Mercy Aigbe, a controversial musician who just married well-known investor and producer Adeoti Kazim, asserts that your wife was pretty affluent before to their marriage. After nearly all of her followers began reporting that she was with Adeoti for his money, she used this phrase to debunk the rumors and make it obvious that she had never married the dog for his money.

2. Eudoxie Yao


Eudoxie Yao, the Ivorian model and wife of the Guinean singer Awesome P, made public reports that she had requested Awesome P for money during an entertainment performance. After discovering that she loved Grand S, Eudoxie Yao’s alleged affair with Grand P for his money was utterly needless. She realized she didn’t actually need that proclamation. Despite what their supporters may have claimed, they remain extremely close, and Eudoxie Yao will shortly wed Grand P.

3. Kamreneefit


Even Computer chip Santonastasso’s longtime girlfriend, health coach Kamgi Renee (aka Kamreneefit), has confessed her desires for Nick and her infidelity, citing his fortune as the reason. She discovered late last week that a fan had told Computer chip that she was unable to be faithful to him due to his financial support, and she quickly realized how hurtful this statement was to both her and Nick. Cam is anxious to express her respect for Nick in every way imaginable, even eavesdropping on discussions between Nick and others.

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