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People Who Should Avoid Eating Sardines On A Regular Basis



People Who Should Avoid Eating Sardines On A Regular Basis: Ambjay reports that sardines are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, a chemical component with numerous positive effects on human health. The cardiovascular system is strengthened and protected, high blood pressure is lowered, and a host of other positive outcomes are achieved. Rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, sardines are a popular choice among many eaters. There are many useful nutrients in sardines, however the fish also has a high concentration of the chemical purine. Since sardines may make preexisting conditions worse, they are not a good choice for everyone to eat on a regular basis

Gouty arthritis is characterized by discomfort and inflammation in the joints, which is caused by a needle-shaped crystal of uric acid that arises when uric acid in the fluid around the joints crystallizes, as explained on People with gout should avoid eating sardines on a regular basis since doing so might lead to a buildup of purine in the body, which in turn can cause uric salts, which are found in the joints and look like needles, to crystallize there.

Joint discomfort in those with gouty arthritis who eat a lot of sardines tends to worsen with time, even when they are taking medication. When people quit eating sardines altogether or on a regular basis, however, the pain goes away and the salt is dissolved by the medication their doctors have recommended. Until their bodies have fully healed from the ailment known as gouty arthritis, it is recommended that these people refrain from consuming sardines.

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