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“Pandemic Baby”: A video of a little boy standing for the first time has gone viral and elicited comments from TikTok users



  • Energetic Little Boy Leaps to His Feet, Stands Firmly for the First Time in Video
  • The boy was sitting down and suddenly started moving his body in a funny way and then leapt to his feet
  • His ability to stand and how he did it with so much energy has endeared him to many people on TikTok

A video of a little boy who stood for the first time has attracted at least 4500 comments on TikTok.

Apart from the large number of comments, the short video posted by @gd.event has been viewed over 2 million times.

Photos of a baby standing for the first time.

What caught the attention of the public in the video was how the boy leapt up and stood firmly without support from an adult.

Baby goes viral after standing for the first time

Before standing up, the boy made very funny waist moves that made a lot of people laugh.

After the waist moves made while sitting on the bare floor, the boy sort of leapt to his feet after some failed attempts.

His energy, as well as enthusiasm, has endeared him to many people on TikTok. The boy is said to be one year old, and he was referred to in the video as “Pandemi baby.:

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@Saphii said:

“The way he just stood up. These pandemic babies are something else.”

@Adah_baybeh commented:

“That’s not his first time. He definitely walks in secret.”

@user9105823757134 said: “He stood up as if is magic. God please remember my son too o. Let him stand on his two feet and start walking. I want him to shock me like this!”

@_adefolake_ reacted:

“Core strength of a body builder.”

@mcowenchoso said:

“The way he stood up got me scared like you.”


“These pandemic babies. They come ready for the world. BTW, I didn’t see the person with a hole in the.”

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