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( opinion) Stop Flushing The Toilets After Urinating. Here’s why



It is considered a bad habit and extremely untidy to not flush the toilet after use. The old adage goes something like, “Let it mellow if it’s yellow, flush it if it’s brown.”

This is meant to serve as a gentle nudge toward greater water efficiency. The habit of flushing the toilet after every use is wasteful and unnecessary.

For this reason, you shouldn’t flush the toilet after every urination.


Reduces the spread of disease

The common belief that flushing the toilet is a sanitary practice has been debunked by research showing that it actually helps spread germs. When using the restroom, you have to check to make sure the toilet is flushed, and if it isn’t, it can be pretty gross.

The term “toilet plume” describes the cloud of water that forms after a toilet is flushed. This causes the toilet to spray germs into the air as it flushes.

Thus, there are more bacteria and viruses in the air.

Water conservation method No. 2

It takes about 9 gallons of water to flush the toilet, so if you do it every time, that’s a lot of wasted water.

Urine is free of germs and bacteria, which is reason No. 3

Urine is considered to be sterile by the vast majority of the population. Urine, being human waste, naturally contains bacteria, but it is much cleaner than saliva.

For the Fourth Time, It Pays Off Financially

Flushing the toilet whenever you need to will quickly add up in water costs.

Count Seven: It Disrupts Water Pressure

Have you ever been taking a shower when someone in another room flushed the toilet? It can be a real nuisance at times. While you’re in the midst of a relaxing shower, the water either suddenly stops or turns cold.

What’s your stance on letting it settle down? In the comments, please share your thoughts. Please don’t hoard everything you find.

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