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Obi: As Far As Presidency Of Nigeria. Is Concerned It’ll Forever Remain In Your Illusionary Dream—Garba



Adamu Garba has recently taken to his official Twitter handle to tackle Peter Obi saying that as far as Nigeria’s presidency is concerned, it will forever be in his illusionary dream.

Peter Obi in the late hours of Tuesday the 18th day of April shared a thread post on his Twitter handle asserting that the struggle to reclaim his mandate has not been an easy one but he won’t give up until victory is attained. Obi also added that if opponents and rivals attack him through land, air or sea, he will react the same way. Continue Reading>>>

Photo Credit: Twitter

However, Adamu Garba

who saw the recent update then retweeted the post and commented this, “We know you are insulting us, we the Northerners. Mr. Peter Obi, we are assuring you that as far as Presidency of Nigeria is concerned, it shall remain in your illusionary dream forever. You’ll never come close to it, you bigoted, religious, ethnocentric merchant”

Below is a screen capture of the post Continue Reading>>>



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