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Not Only Phones Cause Gas Explosions, Some Of These Can Cause It , Beware



There has been news going on now for a while about how operating phones in the kitchen causes the gas to explode, there have also been videos and pictures which have been used trying to back up the claim and warn people against using phones in the kitchen.

Although there have not been any concrete evidences to back up this claim. Now the question is can phones actually cause gas explosions?

What you need to know is that fire starts when a combustible material joined with Oxygen, is exposed to a source of heat. Hence this shows that there must be a connection with things that can actually cause heat and the gas for it to explode.

We most times discover that these messages are usually conveyed probably through WhatsApp or Facebook as a warning, and we hardly come across people that have actually experienced, or really seen a victim of this form of incident. So do cell phones really cause gas explosion? NO.

This is because So far there has not been any documented incident that confirmed that a kitchen gas explosion was actually caused by a cell phone.

As a matter of fact, scientists and researchers have done experiments to see if cell phones could actually cause flames or fire outburst when they come in contact with fuel or gas.

All the experiments proved abortive, as there was no explosion or fire outburst at any point.

These rumors have been successfully passed around because some people tend to read news about a particular thing without analyzing or making further findings.

one danger that can be pointed out concerning operating phones in the kitchen is that, they can actually get you distracted and carried away.

These might actually lead to an individual forgetting the gas on without putting it off, and can lead to some other terrifying or horrible situations.

There have been cases where People put on the gas without lighting it, then quickly go and operate their phones forgetting that they put it on. They return and light it, hereby causing an explosion, since the gas has circulated.

So it is best to avoid using your cell phones around the kitchen area.

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