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Nigerian Lady Sees Handsome Man on Campus, Films Him Secretly, Becomes Shy to Express Her Feelings



  • A young lady saw a handsome undergraduate on her university campus and could not stop watching him
  • Too shy to approach the young man and tell him how she felt, the lady made a secret video of him instead
  • Many people who watched the clip gave her clue on how to locate the young man, while some wondered why she was timid to talk to him

A young Nigerian lady (efemezino2) has made a short video of a young man she saw while on campus who was about to get something.

Seeing how very handsome the young man was, the lady recorded the undergraduate secretly. She said that she saw him at Delta State University.

Handsome man on campus/lady felt attracted to stranger.
People asked why she did not get the man’s number. Photo source: @efemezino2
Source: TikTok

Lady fell for student on campus

When she shared the video of the young man, she asked people to help her locate him so she could get a chance to meet the student.


Some people asked the lady to check the words written on the man’s notebook as a clue to track his department.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 1000 comments with more than 30,000 likes.

Some of the reactions below:

True Crime Daniel said:

“Lol, the guy looks like he’s also looking for himself. He looks lost and confused.”

The lady replied:

“My uni is stressing us out.”

diplomatic06 said:

“Legend of the seeker find am yourself.”

elizabeth_keen2 said:

“You Dey with the guy there why you no follow am? Come here Dey worry person.”

She replied:

“I was shy na.”

Blackgirl_Faith said:

“I saw this same boy omo i nearly follow am go house.”

Sekani said:

“Look at his book, Arts & Humanities, it might help.”

marhobillions said:

“I knw am…he Dey trek too much…just check around 750 seater.”

Divine said:

“Y u no collect he number instead u dey video am now u don give us work where i go for start to dey find am left or right.”

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