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Nigerian Lady Reveals The Startling Reason Why Her Nanny Quit Her Job




A Nigerian lady, Chinenye Azubuike, has narrated the startling story of how her nanny quit her job just because she was horny and couldn’t go out to have s*x.

Chinenye Azubuike who noted that the richest parents in Nigeria are those who are blessed with good nannies, disclosed that she stayed for 5 months this year without a nanny to raise her kids and improve on their chores.

Chinenye revealed that she decided to get a nanny since she was losing good jobs and responsibilities were piling. 

She disclosed a short while after she got a new nanny, the lady who is a single mother of four decided to leave. 

The Facebook user said they tried all they could to make her stay and even offered to enrol her children in school, but she refused to stay and insisted on leaving without giving any reason. 

Months after she left, the agent who connected her to the Facebook user called and begged for her to be taken back. When asked why she left, she reportedly said she was horny and the madam was so disciplined that she couldn’t go out to have s*x.

Read the post below:

I think the richest parent in Nigeria are those who are blessed with a good nanny.

To have a good nanny that is like a mother to your children is like looking for a faithful married man.

This year I stayed 5months without a nanny and raised my kids to improve on their chores. It wasn’t easy and it made me shut down on anything love life. Good thing is that my twin daughter who I always thought was born skinny, became chubby. I realised that all the proteins I buy, these nannies consume them! They literally starve my kids while they enjoy.

That 5months, Ella became a chef and learnt how to cook for her siblings. My son learnt how to turn on the generator and throws the dustbin while ensuring the house is tightly secured. The twin girl sweeps the house and they all arrange the rooms.

I was losing good jobs and responsibilities were piling. I almost became an evicted tenant cos rent was due and my finances was bad. I started looking for a nanny cos I needed someone to take care of these kids while I hustle.

I finally got one and she’s Hausa from Plateau. I stayed with her for a month before I resumed work properly. You all remember when I said that we were enjoying steady kunu and nice healthy hausa drinks.

What happened? This girl decided to leave. Why? She wouldn’t talk. What happened? She’d say nothing! Why are you leaving? Nothing ma. And she was crying. Meanwhile she’s a single mother of 4 in the village. My mother asked her to bring her kids over to lagos so she can put them in school and she’ll train them for her. This woman rolled on the floor crying and thanking my mother. I know my mother did that so I can have a nanny. I know.

Mehn she said she was leaving and I wished her all the best.

I started life afresh. See ehn being a father and a mother and a nanny is not a child’s play! Imagine you thinking about rent, school fees, clothes, Medicals, your own life, people’s lives, content to put out, weight to lose, fine boyfriend to find, every freaking thing is on you! And there’s no nanny.

That is why I always say that; I work so hard that I forget I have a vagina.

Anyway, why am I writing this?

The agent has been calling and begging that I take her back. What was her reason for leaving? That she was horny and my house is so disciplined that she can’t go out to have s*x. I was livid and shocked. Why didn’t she tell me? What’s there? I mean I’m a woman and I’d totally understand if she wanted a break to go have fun.

She has been calling and crying that I am a good woman, I am hard to find, this and that, sweet words to lure me but I am too smart for such.

There are no jobs in Nigeria but I always wonder why so many people do not want to work. I wonder……

Again, if you have a good nanny, you’re highly blessed.

I’ve never been lucky with them and I’ve accepted my fate. It’s not that I’m wicked or bad but yea some of us are just on the other side of life where e no Dey balance.

Una good evening


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