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Nfl scripted leaked on reddit, Arian Foster makes revelations



The National Football League (NFL) is the richest sports franchise in the world. The league is estimated to have more than $18 billion in revenue in 2022. Of the league’s 32 teams, 30 made Forbes’ list of the 50 most expensive sports franchises of 2022. Because of the high stakes, a dispute of any kind could damage the image of the league, as the NFL has some of the strictest vetting procedures for new franchisees to join.

However, what if the league itself is embroiled in a scandal? One of the more popular conspiracy theories is that NFL games are very similar to WWE in that they are scripted and the outcome is known in advance. In his recent interview, former NFL running back Arian Foster confirmed the rumors, though it was impossible to tell if he was serious.

“Well, not only that, it’s practice, practice script. Here’s what it is. We have to do it… like WWF, so we know what’s going to happen, but you still have to act. ” Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence sparked discussion of the playbook NFL in a postgame interview after the Jaguars trailed the Los Angeles Chargers by 27 points in the 2023 playoffs.

“You can’t write a crazier script than this,” Laurentius said. Of course, that was an interview on the court after the game. In a NSFW video, Youtuber and influencer Mark Phillips SupremeDreams_1 tweeted a quip about the Rams playing against Tampa Bay in the 2022 playoffs.

Current Baltimore Ravens NFL cornerback Marlon Humphrey responded to Foster’s comments on Twitter. Of course, Twitter took a hit with Foster’s comments. Some of these answers are NSFW. Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder in 2015 for the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd. Dharma Hamlin, the Bills’ safety, went into cardiac arrest after being shot in the chest during the regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals. Since then, Hamlin has recovered.

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