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Negative Effect Of Social Media On Body Image?



Negative Effect Of Social Media On Body Image?: Social media can have a negative effect on how adolescents and adults perceive their bodies. Nonetheless, there is also upbeat material that attempts to support healthy living.

The positive and negative effects of social media on body image can be profound.

Social media can, on the one hand, offer a forum for body positivity, group support, and motivation for fitness and wellness. But it can also contribute to unhealthy comparisons and inflated ideals of beauty.

Selecting the profiles and platforms that best support your wellbeing may be made easier if you are aware of how specific information might influence your relationship with your body.

Worsening of body-image disorders

Anyone who uses social media, including those with eating or body image disorders like body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), can feel like they don’t measure up. The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) estimates that one in fifty Americans suffers from this debilitating disorder.

Individuals with BDD frequently obsess over one or more minor or nonexistent physical flaws and engage in repetitive and compulsive actions related to their appearance, such as mirror checking and reassurance seeking. Social media may excessively exacerbate these problems.

According to research, men who identify as sexual minorities are more likely to suffer from eating disorders and BDD, as well as other psychiatric conditions where body dissatisfaction is a major factor.

In a study, 2,733 sexual minority men were studied, and Trusted Source discovered a pattern of correlations between:

Social media use and ideas of using anabolic steroids, along with indications of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction.

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