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National Hospital Abuja Shares Photo Of Abandoned Patient At Trauma Unit





The National Hospital, Abuja have shared a photo of a patient who was brought in unconscious to its facility on September 25.

The yet-to-be-identified patient was found by the roadside in Area 11 by 3pm and rushed to the hospital where he has been receiving treatment.

According to the hospital’s management, he has not been visited by a relation since he was brought in over a month ago.

Posting the photo, the hospital via its Twitter handle wrote;

”The man whose picture is placed above was brought to the National Hospital Abuja, on 25th of September 2022. The unknown patient was said to have been found unconscious by the road side in Area 11 on the same day at about 3pm and was brought to the National Hospital where he has since been receiving treatment.

The management of the Hospital is hereby appealing to any member of the public whose relation has not been seen since the aforementioned date to please come to Trauma ICU National Hospital, Abuja for identification and further necessary action.”