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Nathaniel Walter Radimak Los Angeles killer on reddit, Road Rage Tesla Driver Suspect



The suspect, Tesla driver Nathaniel Radimak, 36, was eventually arrested. The whistling man was apprehended by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Sunday night. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

A road-raged Tesla driver has made national headlines after being linked to multiple vehicle attacks on Southern California highways, including an incident in West Hollywood in which a woman was killed with a suspect in her 93-year-old car. Collided sat -old mother. The encounter took place in June. It provided images showing the suspect and a valet driver getting into an intense physical altercation.

The road suspect driving the Tesla was also photographed striking another car after a minor collision in the southbound lane of Highway 2 near York Avenue in Glendale. A Chevrolet pickup driver used his cellphone to record incidents on the road. The video shows the Tesla driver trying to pull into the left lane and crashing into the Chevrolet, before pulling over in the middle of the road, getting out with a tubular object, and repeatedly banging on the Chevrolet’s doors and windows. The driver then returned to his Tesla and drove off.

Digging deeper into his past reveals that Nathaniel Radimak has an extensive criminal record and has run afoul of the law on multiple occasions. Dashcam footage and tips helped CHP apprehend the suspect identified as Radimak. The CHP did not say whether Radimak was involved in other traffic accidents. Not only is Redimak charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but he also has two outstanding arrest warrants. His bail was set at $5,175,000.

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