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My Son Sleeps With Me Every Wednesday To Be Richer – Mother Reveals



A 42-year-old woman from South Sudan, simply known as “Ajak,” has come out to admit that she had sexual relations with her own kid. Ajak and her son, Abel, are currently based out of the Netherlands. Because of this, the son has been able to keep his fortune intact.


She admitted that she and her son Abel have been having sexual encounters every Wednesday for the past 14 years. She continued by saying that the boy would mysteriously lose his fortune and die the day she stopped helping him.

According to a report by Newslex Point, Ajak, a native Dinka speaker, has said that she is her son’s success story’s backbone. To accomplish this, she strips down to her underwear once a week and exposes herself to him, as ordered by the witch doctor from whom he inherited his wealth.

The pastor of Great Kingdom Church in the Netherlands claims that she made a confession in church. According to reports, the pastor prayed for her.

In spite of this admission, she reportedly resumed her role as the custodian of her son’s wealth out of worry that he would die a horrible death. She kept having sex with the son for the sake of his future happiness and financial stability.

After years of denial, she finally came clean to the press, saying, “I have been sleeping with my son, Abel since 2002.” He recently launched a transportation company that has since experienced great growth. Now he has a whole garage full of vehicles.

She said, “We have $ex every Wednesday, and we have it at my house where the charm was buried.

Once I quit sleeping with him, all our hard-earned fortune will vanish into thin air,” Ajak said. Also, my son will have a horrible death.

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