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Meet The Man Who Broke World Record By Sleeping With 57 Women In 24 Hrs But Later Rushed To Hospital



In just 24 hours, this man slept with 57 different women, setting a new world record and earning him a spot in the Guinness book of records. The 34 year old man hailed from Singapore and smashed the record in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, in an annual event hosted by a local brothel.

In under 24 hours, a man from Singapore slept with 57 different women.

According to reports, the unknown man confessed that he had been working hard for months to break the previous record which stood at 55 and he was happy when he smashed it.

A direct quote from him goes like this: “I’ve always been a bit of a sex addict, and when I learned that the brothel was holding a world record attempt, I knew I had to come and give it a go. I treat it as seriously as if I were training for a marathon and put in a lot of work to get ready. The level of difficulty exceeds that of many professional sports in important respects.

A Singaporean man slept with 57 different women in only 24 hours.

The Singapore man was highly focused on his goal in that by mid-day he had already slept with 29 girls, which he shortly started feeling cramps which was treated to by a present physiotherapist who offered him a massage.

While every competition has its own set of regulations, this one specifically prohibited the use of any medication that could help a competitor achieve or maintain an erection. However, he did make use of some natural cures, but was reluctant to talk about them.

Adding to the uncomfortable atmosphere, it was mandated that all participants ejaculate at least 5 ml of semen at the end of each session, and authorities were there to measure the volume.

It wasn’t a smooth ride, though. There were reports of his needing to get to the hospital immediately.

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