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Medical Conditions That Embracing And Ingesting Bitter Kola Regularly can Help Manage



According to Healthline, “Bitter kola,” often called “Garcinia Kola,” is a popular fruit in West African countries. Bitter kola is known as “Orogbo” by the Yoruba, “Miji-goro” by the Hausa, and “Akiilu” by the Igbo in Nigeria. A lot of people over 60 consume Bitter Kola in the hope that it will make them live longer than they otherwise would. The chemical components in bitter kola have been demonstrated to have beneficial impacts on health, according to studies.



In this article, I want to briefly discuss three medical conditions that embracing and Ingesting bitter kola regularly can help manage according to Healthline.

1. The bitter kola seed is widely used in Africa to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory disorders like arthritis. A 2008 study found that patients with knee osteoarthritis who took bitter kola had much less inflammation than those who took a placebo. Bitter kola’s high potassium content may be responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. The high fiber content in bitter kola nut makes it useful for treating and preventing gastrointestinal problems like bloating, constipation, as well as other bowel movement disturbances.

3. When intraocular pressure rises too high, it causes a gradual loss of vision, a condition known as glaucoma. If you don’t get it checked out, you could end up blind. Conversely, the bitter kola herb has been shown to be useful as an eye remedy. It has been found that taking bitter kola twice a day can dramatically lower intraocular pressure.

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