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Married Woman Chooses Between Concubine and Second Wife, Says Question is Tricky in Tiktok Video



  • A young woman has given a smart answer to a marriage question from an interviewer
  • The married woman smiled while providing reasons for picking a second wife over many concubines
  • Although the lady said she’s not happy with the thought of a second wife, it’s the best option

In a video shared by @al-ameen on Tiktok, a woman who identified herself as Faridah was stopped by an interviewer for a brief question.

The interviewer started by asking if she was married and she said yes, and then he went further to ask if she would prefer her husband to have many concubines to a second wife.

Faridah answering question about concubine and second wife
Faridah picks between concubine and second wife Photo credit: @al-ameen Source: Tiktok
Source: UGC

The lady started laughing before replying. She said it is a technical question but then went on to say no woman is comfortable with the idea of a second wife even though it is permissible in her religion which is Islam.


Woman Prefers Second Wife

The Muslim woman said if the option ever comes down to those two things, and she has to choose, she will go with the one that is aligned with her religion which is the option of a second wife.

The interviewer thanked for her time, indicating that the short interview had come to an end.

Tiktok users who reacted to the video had said that the woman’s response was brilliant and apt.

Some of the reactions from the video below:

@fadhilaAjefunija reacted: “Look at the woman, she is having rest of mind, she is beautiful as well.”

@imageoflife said: “Very smart woman. She doesn’t want to endanger her own life through her husband concubine. Better be Iyale.”

@yusuf_shade also reacted: “Wow…I love her.”

@Ayinla_bisola: “He will still have concubine outside even with four wives…no be men.”

@everything_jums: “That’s the best answer before he go and bring STD and HIV.”

Watch the video below:


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