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“Mama Don Lodge Oh”: Nigerian Woman Records Herself in a Hotel Room, Plays around Like It’s Her First Time



  • A Nigerian woman has become a viral sensation following a video she made right inside a hotel room
  • As if it was her first time, the woman played around in the room like an overjoyed kid on an outing
  • Social media users found the clip hilarious as many tried to attach meanings to the woman’s funny behaviour

A Nigerian woman has caused quite a stir on social media after she recorded herself having fun in a hotel room.

The woman who seems to be from Northern Nigeria placed the camera somewhere in the room as she first checked out the fridge.

Somebody's mum, hotel room, mum records herself in a hotel room
She recorded herself playing. Photo Credit: @user7968458174911
Source: TikTok

From there, she climbed the bed on all fours and laid on it before proceeding to play with the landline phone on a side stool.

She then kept the phone and stood up to do a few stretches before the camera and afterwards ended her recording.


Many social media users wondered who got the woman there. Some said it was her first time. The clip went viral on TikTok.

Watch the video below:


♬ Who Is Your Guy? – Spyro

Social media reactions

Tbaby said:

“Mama don lodge ooh God when.”

Bislat said:

“Eiiii who carry my mother-in-law go lodge o.”

Kehinde Timileyin said:

“When them don lodged Ibadan girl.”

ladyq237 said:

“We will all be alright one day on this app.”

Ameer said:

“All those ladies hotel,

“Is the hotel close to this hotel?

“Code are also regular customers ❓”

Zaks said:

“Someone’s mother in the hotel or someone’s father.”

Ismail said:

“Excuse her, it’s my bathroom. and may be it’s her first time in a room like this. They used to live in Ruga (hut).”

Atife stitches said:

“Una don start o who carry my mother inlaw go lodge.”

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