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“Make she say bye bye to owning a phone again”: Lady in Tears as She Bumps Into Mum Reading Her WhatsApp Chats with Boyfriend, Video Trends



  • A heartbreaking but funny video of a mother reading her younger daughter’s chats has gone viral
  • The daughter had bumped into her mother in the living room reading her conversation with her boyfriend on the platform
  • The girl got shocked and pretended to be watching TV while her older sister nervously recorded the video

It is still an ongoing debate as to the level of trust and privacy parents should give their children as regards their interactions on social media platforms.

This varies from the age of the kids, their genders, upbringing, social class, cycle of friends, maturity of the child, level of independence and so forth.

Lady sees mum going through her WhatsApp chat

Lady sees mum going through her WhatsApp chat Photo Credit: @gossipmilltv

Source: TikTok

In a viral video, a young lady recorded her mother going through the WhatsApp chat conversations of her younger sister.

The mother was so focused as she read the young girl’s conversation with her boyfriend.


The mother boldly did this in the presence of her two young daughters.

The girl whose phone was being investigated and searched stayed very focused and glued to the TV set.

The older sister, on the other hand, did the recording but seemed nervous at the whole situation.

Social media reactions

@big_moren wrote:

“I’m so happy I’ve passed this stage in my life omooooo. I suffered I chop beating of my life not me even sending almost half naked pictures to my ex my mum almost killed me that day until I finally had the sense to start deleting my chart immediately.”

@sidwell commented:

“That girl no dey see that tv wey she dey look.”

@iamsekani3 commented:

“My mama do me this one, oh my God. I can’t believe it. I’ve past through this After reading she will take away my phone and hide it. I’d use hers to call my boyfriend and tell him what has happened. My poor relationship!”

@high_chenna said:

“Make she say bye bye to owning a phone again.”

@okikiola_micheal1 wrote:

“My mum did this too… always reading my chats then….make she kon read am now, she won’t get herself for forty days and forty night…the thing wey she Dey find she go see.”

@Ife_oma_19 wrote:

“See as the younger sister focus Dey watch tv.”

@chidinmacherish wrote:

“Parents don’t do this. At least not in front of your kids.”

@w.t.f_kim commented:

“The amount of trauma I went through.”

@dimpled_sylvia said:

“Guys that’s my video can’t believe it got to viral.”

@ay.som commented:

“That was why I did not bother to have any boyfriend till I left secondary school as at then I don’t even have any close male friends to avoid stories that touch the heart my mom would first kill me for having a boyfriend.”

@senaga_200 wrote:

“She fit don complain full family problem give the guy too oo.”

@gghost_media wrote:

“That’s why you should get your phone yourself …if you save and buy it yourself, they won’t have mouth to read or collect your phone.”

@tinohlion commented:

“That’s invasion of privacy.”

@big_grace56 wrote:

“To think I’m actually doing this to my younger sis.”

@dreamz_clothing01 said:

“My elder brother second omo baba dey read my messages till date.”

Watch the video below:

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