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Magical powers of morning urine you need to know



To bring up the subject of pee being used in magical practices is something that almost everyone finds to be revolting. Urine has been utilized by a great number of communities all over the world; yet, you can not see this because it is something that is kept hidden when it is practiced. There are a variety of applications for using urine in the morning. Some people have used it to ward off witches or to remove curses that were placed by witches during the night at their homes or places of business. In this article, you will learn the many applications that morning urine still has even now.


Have you ever heard the urban legend that says you have to urinate on money before you may pick it up if you find it on the street? It was common practice for certain witches to put money in someone else’s way with the intent that if that person picked up the money and took it with them, it would bring financial ruin to them. In the past, this is one of the reasons why people would urinate on money they found on the ground before scooping it up and putting it in their pockets.


If you are aware that there are people behind you, then you already know that there are people behind you. If you do not know something, you should practice vigilance and avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations. This does not mean that you should not trust anyone, but you should at least be careful. This is brought up because those who are working against you will whisper harmful things to you while you are sleeping. A spiritual assault is being waged against you if you have ever had a dream in which you were eating. It makes no difference whether you cooked the food yourself or whether someone else did; either way, it’s a spiritual attack aimed at destroying you. To break the curse, when you wake up in the morning, you must urinate on something, wait three sips, and then drink it. If you speak to anyone, the curse will be strengthened. You are not required to consume the entirety of the cup. You will not be affected in any way by the things that have been sent to murder or destroy you.

Some of the other love pieces contain urine, which, while it is effective, is not ideal since remember that binding someone in love by magic is never a good idea. If you want people to love you, you shouldn’t use their pee to do it; it will only end in tears, and sometimes other people will end up dead or will wind up hating you for no reason at all. They are so repulsed by you that they do not want to have any contact with you at all. At that point, they are only experiencing a reaction with their spirit and are unaware of what you did to them with the pee.


If you have reason to think that an evil tree has been purposefully planted on your property, you can get rid of it by sprinkling your yard with urine first thing in the morning. Some people will borrow money from you, but they will complain about it and then return the same money many days later, acting as if they have used it for their own personal expenses. If you want to get rid of whatever is in the money and you think that pee is the answer, sprinkle it with urine. Some people engage in this practice in an attempt to ruin your shark loan or other business.

Earaches can also be cured with morning urine; simply place a few drops of the urine in the ear that is hurting at night, and you should feel better in the morning. When you are going to use pee on your ear or the ear of someone else, make sure that you use the urine from the morning and that you warm it up a little bit at night.

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