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Little Boy Happy to See Mother For the First Time After Fixing Medicated Glass, Videos Goes Viral on Tiktok



  • An exciting video of a little child who clearly saw her mother for the first time after wearing a medicated glass has warmed hearts
  • In the video, the 16-month-old kid who appeared unexcited initially began to smile after the glasses were fixed and he could clearly see her mother for the first time clearly
  • The boy did not just smile but also pointed at her mother for emphasis indicating that there was positive change in his vision

A little boy who struggled with blurry vision and had a hard time seeing her mother clearly got a medicated glass that turned out to be a good decision.


The little kid who appeared moody and seemed to be unexcited about the process instantly began to smile as soon as the glass was fixed and he could see her mother clearly.

Little boy sees mum for the first time
Little boy sees mum for the first time. Photo credit: @cbsnews Source: Original
Source: UGC

The mother who was behind camera was also just as excited to see the big smile in her child’s face.

Priceless smile from the little boy

Many people who reacted to the video was also moved by the child’s priceless smile which indicated an end to a former hardship.

As of the time of publishing this report, the video has gathered over 300,000 likes with more than 5000 comments on Tiktok.

Watch the video below:


16-month-old Keaton had blurry vision. When he got prescription glasses, he had the sweetest reaction to seeing his mom clearly for the first time 😭 #inspiring #kids #kidsoftiktok #baby #momsoftiktok #family

♬ original sound – cbsnews compiled some of the reactions below:

@Mrahmad3673 reacted:

“The moment he smiled to his mom says it all.”

@rufusmcgirk said:

“I have no doubt he saw the most beautiful person he saw in his imagination. That us awesome.”

@mathildapeterson2 wrote:

“What a beautiful moment when he sees his mom. I saw Keaton and Mom on tamron hall show, brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing he is.”

@seattlevoicelab also reacted:

“how do you test children’s eyesight if they can’t comprehend the standard adult tests.”

@bhuhohusain also said:

“He was like oh my goodness, what a beauty.”

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