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Ladies: Does Peeing After Intimacy Prevent Pregnancy? Check this out



According to Healthline, you’ve probably heard, as a woman, that it’s important to go to the bathroom after having sex if you want to prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI). It seems to be one of those unspoken standards that a number of individuals faithfully adhere to (and others knowingly ignore).

Others, however, maintain that urinating after sexual activity can remove any remaining sperm from the female private and therefore prevent conception. This is totally not the case.

Then, Why Do People Urinate After Sexual Activity?

Ladies, it’s usually a good idea to go to the bathroom after having a sexual encounter. When compared to men, women’s urethras are noticeably shorter, making them more susceptible to urinary tract infections.

Due to the higher distance between the urethra and the anus, harmful bacteria have a longer journey before reaching the male bladder. This means that the dangerous bacterial UTI is less likely to strike a man.

According to Healthline, in contrast to men, dangerous germs can reach the bladder more quickly in women due to the shortened length of the urethra and its proximity to the female private and anus. Urinating after sexual activity may therefore aid in the removal of microorganisms from the urethra. This aids in the avoidance of urethral tract infections.

Can You Avoid Getting Pregnant by Taking a Pee Break After Making Love?

Intimate urination is associated with an increased risk of developing a urinary tract infection, but a quick trip to the bathroom thereafter may help to clear the urethra of any lingering bacteria (UTI). While it’s true that urinating after sexual activity won’t protect you from getting pregnant or STDs, it can help (STIs).

The vaginal canal is the outlet for the male reproductive fluid, or semen, while the urethra is the tube through which urine exits the bladder. These two entries are not connected in any way. Since sperm are expelled through the vaginal canal during sexual activity and not the urethra, urinating will not remove sperm from a woman’s privates.

Don’t assume that going to the bathroom can effectively prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual activity. A lack of bladder control after sexual activity does not prevent pregnancy.

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