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Know That You are killing your kidney slowly with these 7 practices



We have unhealthy habits that are damaging our kidneys as a civilization, and it’s difficult to get rid of them. These tissues are necessary for human survival.

In addition to controlling pH and mitosis, it also serves as a filter to remove metabolic byproducts when their concentrations reach dangerous levels. None of the things on this list should ever be done if renal health is a concern for you.


The actions listed below must be avoided at all costs since they will gradually cause serious damage to your kidneys.

1. The fastest approach to repair damaged kidneys is through high blood pressure, which is also the main cause of kidney damage. Additionally, it aids in the development of kidney stones, which can result in severe pain, nausea, and vomiting.

2. Unlike making food from scratch,

It’s likely that purchasing prepared foods is more enticing and time-saving than making food from scratch. However, the high salt and phosphorus content of processed foods significantly raises the long-term risk of developing renal diseases.

3. Sleeping less

Daytime sleepiness is associated with renal function that is less than optimal. Recent studies have shown that the kidneys and the body’s circadian rhythms work together harmoniously. Short stretches of sleep cause problems with renal function and the beginning of kidney disease.

4. Smoking

Along with its known link to lung disease, smoking raises the risk of developing a number of kidney cancers. In addition, it harms the renal and cardiac arteries, reducing blood flow to the kidneys.


5. Excessive alcohol use

Even the body enjoys unwinding occasionally with a glass of wine.

On the other hand, excessive drinking can result in major health problems like dehydration and a rise in blood pressure. Normal kidney function is compromised as a result.

6. Inadequate levels of exercise

Increased risk of metabolic syndrome, weight gain, and high blood pressure are a few of the numerous detrimental implications of a sedentary lifestyle on health. All of these variables affect the kidneys’ ability to function properly as well as how quickly they age.

7. Overconsumption of protein

Protein aids in both, but consuming too much animal protein may harm your kidneys. Because animal products are turned into acid, eating them makes the kidneys work harder. The delicate pH equilibrium of the body is upset by this acid.

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