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“Kids are So Spiritual”: Little Girl Reveals She Saw Her Mum in ‘Heaven’ and Chose Her, Video Trends



  • A cute little girl has gone viral online after expressing her undying love for her biological mother
  • In a trending video shared on TikTok, the little girl noted that she met her mother in heaven and chose her
  • Social media users have gushed over the adorable clip with many wishing to also birth intelligent daughters

A little girl recently made her mother blush from ear to ear as she expressed her appreciation for her.

In a lovely video, the child described her mother as ‘special’ as she recounted how she chose her in heaven.

Little girl sees mum in heaven
Little girl sees mum in heaven Photo Credit: @imanmua
Source: TikTok

According to the little girl, before she was born, she was in heaven where she saw her mother standing in a queue, and she pointed at her to be her mother.

In her words:


“Everybody was there in a queue and I chose my mum. I chose Iman. I chose my mummy to be my mother. There’s my cute mother. She’s the one that I want. So guys I have a special mother. She always takes care of me. My mummy is the chosen one. I love her.”

Social media reactions

@analuse44 said:

“Children are so spiritual beings. Mark my words.”

@blackodette2 stated:

“No I believe her. She chose you mammie. I can feel it when she says it. But do you not cry everything she says that? It’s the greatest thing said.”

@thatcapsychic reacted:

“Jesus where she gets the words from you special nana ohhhh cute mother how does it feel maaaaaan she’s the chosen one.”

@ssolstice_1 stated:

“True what she’s saying. You were a match for each other’s frequency. Soul contract. We do choose our parents before entering this 3D reality.”

@bruhshecrazy commented:

“I fully believe this because my daughter has told me the same thing “She said she was watching me for awhile and couldn’t wait to come to me”.

@pennyspointofview added:

“These kids are amazing! My daughter told me she was standing in a line waiting for juice and someone said her parents were ready.”

Watch the video below:

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