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“Juliet You Spoil O”: Pretty Lady Posts Photos on WhatsApp Status, Little Kid Sends Her Audio Messages



  • A lady was surprised when her three-year-old niece suddenly sent her WhatsApp audio messages criticising the clothes on her status
  • The little girl said that her aunty is spoilt and would go broke with the way she has been spending on dresses
  • Many people found the kid’s messages funny, especially how she still asked the lady for ice cream afterwards

A Nigerian lady (@juli_osab) shared the series of WhatsApp messages her niece sent her when she posted beautiful photos on her WhatsApp status.

In the girl’s first audio message, she asked what kind of clothes her aunty was wearing. Without fear, the kid said the lady had lost her morals.

Lady and niece/kid sent aunty WhatsApp messages.
The kid’s responses got many people laughing. Photo source: @juli_osab
Source: TikTok

Kid sent funny audio message to aunty on WhatsApp

As if those feedbacks were insufficient, the girl added that the lady would soon go broke with how she has been spending heavily on dresses.


The lady said that her niece’s mother has got to stop giving her access to her smartphone. The kid also asked for ice cream after the criticism. Many people found the kid’s responses very funny.

Watch the video below:


I think her mom needs to stop letting her have access to her phone😩😭#fyp #juliosab

♬ original sound – Juli_osab

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 2,000 comments with more than 100,000 likes.

Compiled some of the reactions below:

Lizzyiwara said:

“It is the Juliet you go broke oo for me.”

symplylade331 said”

“Why does she sound like kiriku?”

Favor said:

“Na their mama send them.”

user8736570197146 said:

“My blood show me love, you go broke oh.”

Emma said:

“U go broke and then she asks for ice cream and barbacoke.”

Crocs vendor in Portharcourt said:

“Why do I feel the mother tells her what to say.”

The aunty said:

“Her mum didn’t. Her mum is always fond of telling me “which kind cloth b this? you don dy spoil o” nd I guess she must’ve Learnt those words frm her.”

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