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It’s Not Witchcraft; See The Reason Why People Get Stuck During The Act



The shameful act of people getting stuck in the act is not a new dance to our ears as it has severally been broadcasted in our social media platforms. The culprits endures the embarrassments and can even lead them into suicidal thoughts if they are not well counselled.

Many members of the public especially in our African continent has mostly associated this behaviour to witchcraft whereas it is total science. By the end of reading this article, you will understand that it is science and not witchcraft.

This behaviour is related with a medical condition known as Vaginismus. Vaginismus can be defined as the persistent and/ or voluntarily contraction of a woman kegel’s muscles.

Research puts it clear that vaginismus is not related to any physical abnormalities and affects some people. Vaginismus is not common to many members of the public hence the very few cases reported monthly or yearly.

Many people wonder why this stucking behaviour is not reported from married couples, but in real sense it really happens. Well, previously I said that vaginismus affects few people and in case a married couple has this medical condition, they obviously get stuck but since they are not commiting any sin,they relax and do not panic hence the woman kegel’s muscles relax and the stucking behaviour ends in a while.

On the other hand, the highest number of the exposed is the cheating couple as they tend to panic thus causing lot more of this contraction which leads to a long time before the muscle contracts thus the exposure.

Members of the public who finds themselves in such behaviour are advised to relax and not panic and this will finally cause a voluntary contraction.

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