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“It Takes Courage”: A short video of a man leaving his wife and kid to relocate abroad for better opportunities has got many talking



  • A short video of a man leaving his wife and kid to relocate abroad for better opportunities has got many talking
  • The wife said that the decision for the man to go was not an easy one for them but that God’s plan was the best
  • Many TikTokers were divided into those who told the lady to find another husband and others advising the man to remember his family

A young mother (@kinty2020) of one has shared a very emotional video that captured the moment her husband, who got the opportunity to chase his dream, was leaving them.

At the airport, the lady and their son said goodbye to the man as he wheeled his bags. It was such an emotional parting. The wife tried hard not to cry.

Relocating abroad/Man left his family behind.
The man’s wife said the relocation was a tough decision. Photo source: @kinty2020
Source: TikTok

Man’s emotional goodbye to family

Before the man left them, he wheeled their kid in a trolley for some seconds. The woman said that allowing her husband to seek greener pastures in Italy was a tough decision for them.


The woman advised the man never to stop praying in whatever thing he does. Many people told the husband not to forget his family.

Watch the video below:


It was the toughest decision for us to make but who are we to say No when Jesus says YES. You had been having rough times both at work and home trying to balance everything in its position having sleepless nights and not eating well but all in all you never gave up on anything. You never wanted you 10+ more years of experience to get wasted. What l loved most about you is you never gave up that easily in life instead you were telling me to keep on praying for us however much you are pushed to the wall. I remember your dream was to play football in Europe but God decided to change your dream for you to go international to be better and bigger chef. I remember it could reach a time l could tell you dont take risk doing this but the answers l was getting from you were very encouraging, powerful and touching that gave me many reasons to believe in you always. Who can battle with God no one can do that. I pray that everything you manifest comes to be. Success is delivered only to the deserving. Congratulations on your newly found achievement you have made us proud your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are totally inspiring. Never stop saying a word of prayer in whatever you are doing and ITALY please be nice to him😂 take care of yourself always for us we love you so much ❤️❤️❤️@Prominent Bournie

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As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 800 comments with more than 26,000 likes.

Compiled some of the reactions below:

mel said:

“Bro jus know that ur doing this for your family, dont forgot your child n wife plz.”

Caroline Jaddah Osoro said:

“My cousin did this, left his wife and kid to go to USA, hes now married to another woman 4 kids blocked his wife to date!”

gaceri said:

“Those discouraging this young woman will have a heart pls.im a testimony of a long distance r/ship. my hubby went to USA and after 5yrs we joined him.”

Rachel Thiong’o said:

“Look for another husband my gal.”

user2299132532559 said:

“It takes courage and bravery for such decisions in our lives.”

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