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Inside The Tribe Where The Bigger Your Belly Is The More Women Find You Attractive (Video)



As the saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison. Such is the case in the Bodi tribe of Ethiopia. In this tribe, men with big bellies attract more women. In this tribe, the bigger the belly, the better. In fact, men participate in a size contest, and the person who can get the biggest size wins.

Unlike other places where people see big bellies as unhealthy and unattractive, the Bodi people in Ethiopia challenge this notion by celebrating people with bigger bellies.

A competition is held for men to feed themselves with cow’s blood and milk to get the biggest belly.

The Bodi people live in a remote corner of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. It is a tribe where men do strange rituals. The men feed on a gruesome mixture of blood and milk to fatten them up, and those who are fatter than the others are crowned.

This custom is done in a ceremony known as the Ka’el ceremony. Each family is allowed to choose a male representative for this ceremony. Each person chosen by his family will then participate in the competition.


The males are taken to an isolated cage where they feed on a mixture of cow’s blood and milk for the next six months. This meal is meant to make them fat.

They drink a daily dose of the mixture, and six months later they leave the isolation room to attend a ceremony where the winner is announced.

Sometimes, this mixture is usually too much for some men. That is part of the challenge they face in this competition to be crowned the winner.


The Bodi people do this because they find fat men with big bellies to be attractive, so they try to make sure most of them are attractive.

Single women in the tribe usually use this ceremony to get husbands. They find men with the biggest belly to be more attractive.

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