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Insect Common In Rural Areas That Is Worth Sh9.7 Million And Two Places Where You Can Sell Them



Among insects, the stag beetle is the most notable in the UK. It’s also the most expensive insect in the world. The pulse places the value of the bug at KES 9.7 million. The best places to look for these bugs are woodland regions or gardens with rotting wood. Typically, the best time to spot a male stag beetle is from the middle of May to the end of July.


There are about 1,200 different species of Lucanidae beetles. This family is a subfamily of stag beetles. All of the subfamilies Lucanidae, Syndesinae, Lampriminae, and Aesalinae are included in this family.

Stag beetle life cycle

Females lay their eggs in decomposing woods or sandy soil, where they will hatch 21 days later. After spending years inside the rotting trunk, the larvae gradually emerge.

Over about six months, they undergo a full metamorphosis during the pupation stage. When the Pupa finally matures in May or June, the male emerges first, followed by the females.


The buck beetle male’s main priority is finding a suitable mate. They can reproduce several times in their short lifespan of just a few weeks. Stag beetles spend three to six years of their lives as larvae in the soil.

Some communities feel compelled to acquire stag beetles so they can provide a secure home for the insects. So that we can save some of the species that are in danger of going extinct in our ecosystem.

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