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If You Fall In A River Accidentally, Yet You Can’t Swim Do This Immediately To Prevent Drowning



Rivers and lakes are all over the world. Well, a good number of population across the globe knows how to swim. Swimming is also a game that has united people across the globe. Well there are many swimming techniques such as butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. However, a section of the world population don’t know how to swim. Many people have died in water as a result of drowning just because they don’t know how to swim. Well, you should not worry because today am going to show you what you can do if you accidentally fall in water and you don’t know how yo swim.


The first thing to do is to make sure that you don’t panic but relax. Then raise your head above the water so that the mouth and nose are not submerged in water. Immediately you raise your mouth and nose above the water, breath in large amount of oxygen to fill your lungs and let oxygen run in your tissues and the lungs. Oxygen is less dense than water. Therefore, large amount of oxygen in the lungs and body tissues will make you attain buoyancy hence lifting your body above the water. Repeat the process very fast hence giving you ability to float on water.

Continue floating on water until a rescuer comes to rescue you. The reason many people drown is because immediately they fall in rivers or lakes, they open their mouths to cry and hence allowing water to get into your body through the mouth. The water in your stomach then reduces your buoyance hence sinking. What do you think about this survival technique? Drop your comment and let’s see what you say.

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