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“I Want to Japa”: Pretty Lady Who Served As Corps Member Relocates to UK, Her Video Makes Nigerians



  • A Nigerian lady who was a corps member in Nasarrawa posted a video of her relocating out of the country
  • Many who saw her in her NYSC khaki uniform said that they are also hoping to follow the same route to seek better opportunities
  • The lady stated that she would show people the steps it took her to process her papers and leave Nigeria

A young Nigerian lady (@behnnyb) who served as a youth corps member under the country’s compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme has made a video.


I think I’ll Have to do a video pretty soon on the process and the mistakes i made, honestly it was a very traumatic experience for me no cap but if you’re interested let me know and follow me to see it#AirplaneTikTok #japatiktok

♬ original sound – Joshua💜

At the start of her clip, the words “To serve Nigeria with all my strength” came on screen as she was dressed in her NYSC uniform.

Japa moves/lady relocated to UK.
The Nigerian lady relocated abroad after NYSC. Photo source: @behnnyb
Source: TikTok

Lady successfully left Nigeria

Seconds into the video, a part shows her on the way to an international airport. She also filmed herself while aboard a plane.


The lady said that she would later explain to people the process she followed to relocate abroad. She added that it was very difficult.

Many young people in her comment section showed a great interest in leaving the country soon to seek better opportunities.

Watch her video below:

We compiled some of the reactions below:

Only 1 Fred said:

“I will leave Nigeria dis year I promise myself.”

abike_tybodyshop said:

“I done save the sound for my japa when God put me for aeroplane.”

Ope Oluwa said:

“Congratulations…we camped together in nasarawa tho.”

Queen_Baebi said:

“Omo after doing inec work today all I can say is dt God is ,watching Nigeria.”

Marchborn3 wondered:

“Why is everybody running away?”

Salaudeen Azeezah said:

“God abeg!!….I need big guidance on this Japa thing. My passport just Dey ground dey look me.”


“I want to japa oh God locate me with money I have my passport and document ready.”

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