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I Found Out My First Child Is Not Mine After Conducting DNA Test – Nigerian Man Cries Out




A Nigerian man has cried out for help after finding out that his first child is not his own.


The man who shared his experience on Nairaland Forum said he has been married for over 5 years.


He wrote 


“Been married for over 5 years now and ever since my wife gave birth to my first child, I’ve been suspecting that it’s not my child due to no sense of resemblance.


I finally did a DNA test but unfortunately the result shows that I’m not the father of my first child. No doubt my wife loves me so much and honestly she has done a lot, sacrificed alot for me.


My conscience never allowed me to end the marriage because honestly she is a good wife one could ever ask for though she has her bad sides.


Since the result came out, I never told her or confronted her because I’m very very certain that once I confront her the marriage will end cos alot will happen but everyday once I see the boy and remember, I get so angry but after some time when we are all playing as a family I will forget.


I still do everything a father could do for his son. Honestly it’s not easy to forget about everything.


What do you advise me to do guys?”


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