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I didn’t know it’s a crime to repeat clothes – Paul Okoye




Reacting to some of the things expected of a celebrity, Singer Paul Okoye took to his Instagram stories to express his ignorance and added to the list.

Okoye made headlines when he expressed that he is ignorant of the fact that celebrities are expected nor do repeat clothes. 

Also expressing sarcasm, the father of two who recently divorced his wife, added that the next thing is to change his boxers every minute and never repeat food again.

He wrote: 

Wow! I didn’t know it’s a crime to repeat your clothes as per celeb level. Na to start to dey change boxers like Pampers be that ohh. Also, don’t ever repeat food again. Imagine eating rice once in a life time. Also I forgot, don’t repeat cars and houses. Maka celeb.

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