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“I Checked His Page and I Nearly Cried”: Cute Abiola Starts Movement to Revive Singer Sean Tizzle’s Career



  • Talented Nigerian singer, Sean Tizzle’s name has once again made the rounds online after comedian, Cute Abiola, raised awareness about his career
  • Taking to social media, Cute Abiola noted that he recently checked out the singer’s page and he was close to shedding tears
  • The comedian then started a movement to help Sean Tizzle get his career back on track and this got people talking


Nigerian comedian, Cute Abiola, has now taken to social media to raise awareness about former top singer in the industry, Sean Tizzle.

Note that Sean Tizzle used to be one of the country’s most promising music artistes at the peak of his career as he enjoyed fame and recognition from many fans.

However, he soon went off the radar and his music did not seem to gain as much attention as it used to in the past.

Cute Abiola to revive Sean Tizzle's career.
Fans react as Cute Abiola starts movement to revive Sean Tizzle’s career. Photos: @thecuteabiola, @iamseantizzle
Source: Instagram

Cute Abiola starts movement to revive Sean Tizzle’s career

Popular comedian-turned-politician, Cute Abiola, took to his social media page to speak on the matter with an emotional post.


The former skit maker shared a video of Sean Tizzle’s latest song and noted that he had gone to the singer’s page and what he saw there moved him close to tears.

According to him, Sean Tizzle used to be a great hitmaker who was consistent and had a great voice. He added that despite him not knowing what happened to the music star’s career, he feels he lost motivation because people were no longer supporting him.

He wrote:

“I am typing this with a lot of pains in my heart, I am broken, I decided to check this Egbon @iamseantizzle page today and I nearly cried , we all know Sean tizzle used to be to be A great hit maker, he was consistent and he has a great voice , his sounds are unique, I don’t know what really happened but I think he is not just motivated any more to do this music thing because he is not getting supports like before.”

The comedian then went ahead to explain that he had taken the decision to promote Sean Tizzle’s music and he asked for people to join him in doing that.

In his words:

“I don’t know what he is going through right now but I am sure he would not be happy and I am sure he wants his winning Momentum Back . So I decided to make this tough decision ! I want to promote Sean Tizzle’s music and I want us to do it together pls let’s bring him back, this egbon is very talented.”

See his post below:

Nigerians react as Cute Abiola starts movement to revive Sean Tizzle’s career

Cute Abiola’s post on Sean Tizzle soon made the rounds online and it raised a series of reactions from netizens. Read some of them below:


“I still dey wonder what happened to him. Because he won the next rated that year. And suddenly he just vanished.”


“I so much love him and so much ready for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”


“Let me go and set my ring light asap we are promoting this together .”


“Na kizz Daniel pursue comot for limelight. Chai this life no balance!”


“He is a bunch of talent….I still go to YouTube to stream Omo daadaa limo.yen o. What a song!”


“This write up tho I’m sure Egbon is happy and doing alright. If he reads this write up, e fit sad Kwaaaa.”


“Na management ruin his career … I’m a lover of good music and I still vibe to all his songs even have some saved on my TikTok sending him lots of ❤️ ”


“Funniest thing Is he might be doing very okayyyyyyy without music. I think we need to realize era comes to an end. Igba laye .”

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