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“I Can Feel Baby Kicks”: Flight Attendant Gets Pregnant and Continues Working, Her Video Trends on TikTok



  • A pretty lady working as a flight attendant got many people talking when she revealed she never knew she was two months pregnant
  • Many women in her comment section asked if she did not miss her period during the first two months of pregnancy
  • The lady took a maternal leave after five months into her pregnancy to take care of herself and expected newborn

A beautiful lady (@husnaaaa_d) who works as a flight attendant shared a video capturing her pregnancy journey and how she went through the nine months.

The woman said that she never knew she was pregnant for two months. During the period, she was still working as a flight attendant and traveling around.

Beautiful flight attendant/lady showed off baby bumps.
Many people wondered how she didn’t know she was pregnant. Photo source: @husnaaaa_d
Source: TikTok

Pregnant flight attendant shared story

She told her husband they would have a baby on the day she got tested. The lady revealed that she lost so much weight during her first trimester. She continued working for five months into her pregnancy.


Many people who watched her video said they had never seen a pregnant attendant on a flight before.

Watch the video below:


As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 500 comments with more than 200,000 likes.

@Bahdgirl_april asked:

“What flight aviation school did you attend I wanna become a flight attendant?”

Renisha Kandhai said:

“How come u didn’t know? Did u get ur periods normally while ur pregnancy?”

adventurousness said:

“Just realized I’ve never seen a pregnant flight attendant.”

Angelic said:

“How can someone be pregnant and won’t know omo once my period is two days late am worried congrats my love.”

She replied:

“Some women have their periods during pregnancy. Thank you.”

shirojercy said:

“2 month and you didn’t know? me 2 weeks I can feel the baby kicks.”

user9622962296592 said:

“I want to be a flight attendant just like you.”

Ola said:

“5 months is my belly size right now and am not pregnant.”

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