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Hold your hand in this position, you will not believe what will happen next



If you say “only my hands,” then you should consult a reflexologist. They will tell you that there are a number of points on your palms that, according to studies, can give you power that controls both your body and your mind. They will say this to you.

Today, we’re going to show you some cool things you can do with your middle finger. And naturally the rest of the fingers as well as the thumb.

The Thumb finger

Anxiety and headaches are directly attributable to the thumb. If you have a severe headache, you should gently squeeze your thumb for a full five minutes. The reflexologists who practice it say that it will make the pain go away.

The index finger


This finger is responsible for managing discomfort in the muscles as well as emotions including fear, disappointment, and shame. After receiving a series of reflexology treatments, patients with back and muscle pain reported feeling better overall. These findings come from research conducted at the University of Minnesota. Maintain pressure on the index finger with the opposite hand for a period of five minutes.

The middle finger


When you feel more anxious, angry, or fatigued than normal, pressing the middle finger on your index finger can assist. Researchers have shown that doing this reduces blood pressure and makes people feel less anxious.

This is the ring finger.


If you gently squeeze the ring finger for five minutes, you will find that negative feelings and despair simply evaporate. Do not lose your composure and make sure to take some deep breaths.

Pinky finger


Self-confidence, stress, and tension are all under the control of the pinky finger. If you have the tendency to undervalue yourself, you should massage your finger for five minutes. This will help you see how much you really are worth. Make an effort to focus on anything constructive while this is going on.

The leafy palm


Apply pressure to the center of the palm of the other hand using the fingers of one hand. You should do this three times, massaging it in circular strokes while taking deep breaths in and out. It is believed by reflexologists that the palm is the core of emotional expression. Studies have shown that giving one’s palms a regular massage can help prevent feelings of sickness, pressure, diarrhea, and constipation.

Putting the palms together


Meditations frequently take place in this posture. It makes it easier to concentrate and puts your ideas in order. By squeezing your palms together, you can stimulate blood flow and enhance circulation.

Surya Mundra

Your digestion and metabolism will both benefit from striking this stance. Patients who have a low blood temperature and a lack of appetite are candidates for this treatment method.

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