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Here’s a mixture to remove poison from the body without going to the hospital : Opinion



Mostly of African people are very much Powerful and they can do anything. Melanin people are very much powerful and whatever that they touch it can turn into something amazing. They are the most gifted people that people could ever think of. This is one of the reasons why back in the days white people tried to brainwash them into thinking that , following their culture is a taboo and it is not allowed. Mostly of our forefathers were killed and this happened because they could see that they are powerful. The apartheid was to destroy our land and to make people fear the white people and follow everything that they say.

This days people are no longer following their cultures because they are afraid of when white people. Black people have the power to heal and they have the power to make medicines. Everything in this planet Earth was made by God and black people can tend anything into something that can be beneficial. They know what to use in order to heal people. There are lot of things that we were not taught but soon or later things Will come together. Things will change as time goes on and mostly of people will start realise their Spirituality.


Technology is okay but not each and everything need to you to go to the hospital. Something like a poison is very much dangerous and ,as soon as someone is poisoned and as you are driving to the hospital the person can die. People should allow themselves to learn about traditional stuff so that they use them.

Next time when someone ate poison do not rush to the hospital. Take a natural charcoal from the fire and make is soft. Look for a small child ask him or her to urinate in a small jar. Mix the mixture and make the person who ate the poison to drink the mixture.

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