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Here is how you can know if someone is using witchcraft on you



“Have I somehow earned a curse? Due to the widespread practice of “white” (i.e. benevolent) witchcraft and the attempts of contemporary witches to clarify the topic, this is a subject I am occasionally asked in my capacity as something of a professional witch (I think).” One might assume that superstition about witches no longer exists. But the feedback on my blog and the emails in my inbox show a different picture. Several individuals think a witch may have cursed or enchanted him.


I promptly googled the question to check the internet’s collective knowledge. Can I tell if someone is performing witchcraft on my behalf? There are two general types of them: There is no such thing as a witch. Stay away from becoming an idiot. That’s right, a terrible curse has been placed upon you. If you can afford it, I’ll fix it for $500. I feel like this subject merits more.

We witches have faith in the veracity of some claims, and rightly so: the power of our magic allows us to shape reality in unexpected ways.

If you can persuade others using magic, it stands to reason that others can do the same. And perhaps there are moments when they make the conscious decision to put it into effect. Even you, if you’re reading this. It’s natural to wonder if you’re under a spell, especially a harmful or obsessive one, and to seek protection. Without information, you are powerless (at least not specifically). Answer. A definitive “magic gift / absent” result from a “clairvoyant acid test” does not exist.

All I can do is give you a list of warnings that some sort of manipulative magic may be at play in your life. It is not my intention to start a witch hunt, therefore I will add this final caution. ask, “Is it a curse on me? In most cases, the answer is “No.” I could go into tedious detail about the various factors at play, but it all boils down to the following three counterspell principles:

Performing genuine magic is arduous. The force of your own determination can accomplish much. No one gives a flying F-bomb about it. When you have a genuine sense that someone is casting an evil eye on you, they will (probably) not bring you any comfort. What follows are some telltale symptoms of anger, forbidden, forbidden, forbidden, or persecution: You’re close with a large number of witches, some of them may be several decades older than you.

If you’re surrounded by a lot of witches and warlocks, you can bet that at least one of them has cast a spell that somehow involved you. It’s not really much. Accept that someone at the party probably made derogatory comments about you or masturbated in your presence and move on. Keep in mind that just because someone is (or claims to be) a witch does not guarantee that he intends to cause you harm (see Counter-Hexis Principles No. 1 and 3 above).

When a witch has the skill to engage in destructive magical practice, she usually has the same skill to know better, but she doesn’t.

“crossing over” has a specific meaning in hoodoo. Having a bad day is just the beginning; it’s one bad day at a time. Despite your best efforts, everything keeps going wrong. There is rage beneath all that frustration. The uneasy awareness that something (or someone) is out to get you.

Customary “uncrossing” ceremonies aim to dispel negative energy and help you regain your footing after a setback. Nothing indicates a curse more than continuing bad luck. The thing is, Fortuna really has it out for you right now. It’s possible that your current predicament is the result of a series of unremarkable, unavoidable occurrences; alternatively, you may have sabotaged yourself, with or without assistance from others. There is a strong indication of a curse because of the indications and coincidences. Sometimes it’s hard to discern the difference between regular poor luck and bad luck with a magical charge.

But there are occasions when the smallest of omens can provide invaluable insight into the nature and origin of the spell. The universe is completely open and transparent, while a cowardly witch might seduce you without your knowledge. As surely as bubbles rise to the surface of champagne, so too does the truth.

As an additional fact, Big Mama Universe clearly enjoys a good laugh when it comes to the magical arts. That’s just your unlucky streak continuing. After your dog returns with a voodoo chew toy from the wet curb and delivers it to you, you decide to dry off your boots with a magazine and, on the very first page, you spot a poster of a mummy with the words “DAMN!” written across it.” No, I wouldn’t rule anything out if it were written in dripping letters. All your memories and possessions are gone.

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