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Here Is How You Can Accurately Measure Your Blood Pressure At Home



Together with heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature, blood pressure is considered a vital indicator. You can get a sense of a person’s general health status by monitoring their vital signs. Variations in a person’s vital signs may suggest the need for medical attention or the adoption of healthier habits. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, happens when there is an abnormally high force against the walls of your blood vessels, sending your heart into overdrive and increasing the risk of catastrophic health complications including heart attack and stroke.

The alarming part is that hypertension often shows no signs at all. It has no outward signs or symptoms, earning it the term “silent killer.” High blood pressure is preventable, but those at risk should monitor theirs regularly. So, this post will cover how to take a reliable reading of your blood pressure at home, using data and information found on Cleveland Clinic.

Instructions for performing a self-monitoring blood pressure check at home

(a) While sitting comfortably with good back support at a table or workstation, use an automated blood pressure monitor to check your blood pressure.

(B) Have a seat and relax for at least three and preferably five minutes before checking your blood pressure.

(C) Recline with your feet flat on the floor and your arm supported at heart level. The back of the chair is there for you to lean on. Open your palm up as you extend your arm.

(d) Be sure you’re using a cuff that’s the right size for your arm. When measuring blood pressure, a cuff that is too narrow might lead to an inflated measurement. The cuff’s bottom should sit just above the elbow’s natural crease. Before taking a measurement, take a few minutes to unwind.

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